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1987 Founded by Mr. Ken Chen, produce EDM.

1992 Improved EDM structure (Patent:75822)

1993 CNC milling machines exported to Europe, India, Brazil and China through local distributors.

1994 EDM (Patent:42631)

1995 Improved EDM tool change (Patent:105135)
Improved EDM structure(Patent:106549)

1998 ODM for U.S. SUMMIT.
Improved machine center clamp (Patent:136240)
Improved machine center handle (Patent:143766)

1999 FMC Series ODM for Swiss WILLENMIN.
Improved machine center tool cover (Patent:147322)
Improved machine center safe door (Patent:187695)
Improved machine clamp cover (Patent:148321)

2001 DMC Series ODM for Italian FAMUP.
Improved machine center gear box (Patent:184281)
Improved auto lathe control box (Patent:181094)

2003 Developed simultaneous 5 axes on DMC series .
Improved safe door structure x (Patent:199889)

2005 FLG and DMC series entered Japan market and join the TOYOTA group supply chain.
Improved DMC machine slide(Patent:M281742)
Improved DMC machine anti dirty (Patent:M255100)
Improved DMC machine structure(Patent:M255096)
Improved DMC machine head sliding(Japan Patent:J757251)
Improved DMC machine structure(Germany Patent:Nr 2020040174030)

2006 Participated in JIMTOF on Nov. 1~8

2007 Won the First and Second Prizes of TIMTOS Innovation Award.

2008 DMC series entered South Korea market and join the SAMSUNG supply chain.